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Guest Information & Expectations

Check out this page prior to your session, and review how to prepare for your recording session below.

Start by making sure you have Zoom downloaded!

I use Zoom to record the podcast. We'll be recording the audio and video. The entire audio track will be edited and produced as a podcast episode. The best clips from the video will be used to promote the podcast on social media.

How To Prepare For Your Recording Session?


Here are some tips to get the best experience and sound from your recording

  • Start setting up 10 minutes before your scheduled session.

  • Close down other programs/apps on your computer - audio & video use up a lot of resources which can create a glitchy or pixelated video when your computer is running low on CPU and memory

  • Make sure the laptop/desktop is plugged in to a power adapter- since streaming and processing video with audio consumes a lot of resources, your battery can drain very quickly. 

  • Ensure fast internet - both download and upload speed should be good. The upload speed depends on your video resolution and framerate.

  • Be mindful of background noise. Put your phone and computer notifications on silent mode.

  • Also, have a quiet environment with limited acoustics and echoes - try to record in a place with rugs and not tile floors to limit echoes.

  • Use a high-quality microphone such as a Samson Q2U, or Audio Technica ATR2100x which are both dynamic microphones with USB and XLR connectors for under US$100.  An external mic separate from the headphones - try not to use microphone setups where the headphones are connected like many Apple headphones. This can cause audio bleed and echo issues. (If you don't have this it is okay - see the next point!)

  • If you don’t have a dedicated microphone, good quality wired or Bluetooth earbuds are the next best thing.

  • Use headphones and make sure the volume isn’t so loud your mic picks up the sound. Around/Over-the-ear headphones - this helps with noise isolation and prevents audio bleed and echo issues

  • Use a quality external webcam instead of one built-in camera.  (If possible, not required at this time!)

  • Have plenty of light - ensure good natural light or use a ring light. Lighting helps the camera since many struggles in low light settings.

  • Grant permission to your microphone, camera, & location.

  • Click Join Session & enjoy the conversation!

Production & Episode Release

How Long Is The Episode?

I produce 30- to 60-minute interview episodes. Interviews will be edited to remove pauses, fillers and mistakes and enhanced for audio quality through Adobe Audition.

When Will My Episode Drop?

Episodes are usually published 3 or 4 weeks after recording depending on the current backlog of episodes.


 Is There A Transcript?

Our conversation will be summarised in show notes on my website Connecting Wilde Hearts and could be promoted on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter. In the future, It’ll also be sent to my email subscribers.

Can I Get A Copy?

At your request, I can provide a version of the interview (without the Connecting Wilde Hearts podcast intro and outro) for your own use.

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