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Connecting Wilde Hearts

We Are On A Journey All Our Own,  With A Story To Tell 
You Don’t Have To Travel Alone, Connect With Other Wilde Hearts!

Hi, I'm Jenn Brook!
Thanks For Connecting!

Hello there, I'm Jenn (she/her) the founder of Wilde Heart Weddings and partner in The Wilde Collective... and most recently Creator & Host of Connecting Wilde Hearts​

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The Wilde Collective Podcast



to Connecting Wilde Hearts

Connection - that is really how this podcast started, and now hopefully one of the reasons that you are here!

"We are all connected. When you touch one thing, you are touching everything. Whatever we do has an effect on others. Therefore, we must learn to live mindfully to touch the peace inside each of us." - Thich Nhat Hanh

Join me as I share more about the intention behind creating this podcast.

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All My Stories

The Stories That Connect Us

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