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Jenn Brook Wilde

A Short Introduction

Hello there, I'm Jenn (she/her) the founder of Wilde Heart Weddings and partner in The Wilde Collective. 

What Do I I Do?
I am a speaker and storyteller, not just a wedding officiant and business owner! Tell me your love story and all about the two of you as a couple. I want to know all about the beautiful times that brought you together, the hilarious moments, and the sappy, lovey-dovey stuff that makes your relationship imperfectly perfect!


What Do I Love?

Road trips and adventure feed my soul, finding a long road heading nowhere can always ease my troubled mind, and bring balance and clarity in difficult times. So when I have spare time, that is where you can find me, out in the west Utah desert, on a country road in Idaho, or exploring a canyon, with my partner, dogs, and a cooler full of snacks!

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